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How To Make Lava Lip Gloss
Make fun liquid lip gloss that looks like a lava lamp! Great for teenagers and adults too! Purse size for travel! Great stocking stuffers or perfect in gift baskets with other bath & body items!

You Will Need:


This recipe should make enough to fill about 9 or 10 roller bottles. Each bottle holds 1/3 oz.
  1. In a measuring cup, mix 1 oz. liquid glycerin with liquid food coloring until you have desired color (add a drop at a time and mix to see color). You can also add just a pinch of mica powder for a shimmery look! Fill roller bottles about 1/3 full with this mixture. Note: Our Liquid Bath & Body dyes are blends of D&C as well as FD&C dyes and are not made for consumption. We recommend using liquid food coloring in any products that go in or on the mouth! Note: Don't use too much mica powder or it could clog the roller ball! I have not tried this with cosmetic glitter and am not sure if glitter would clog the ball.
  2. In a seperate cup, mix 2 oz. of your preferred veggie oil (castor, sweet almond, etc) and add 1/4 oz. (1/2 Tbsp) Kiss Kwenchers™ Pre-Sweetened Flavor Oil (or less according to taste). Add about 15 drops of Vitamin E oil. Mix well. Fill roller bottles up to the bottom of the neck with this mixture. Note: If you overfill the bottles the liquid will overflow when you insert the roller ball! Note: Remember, most flavor oils on the market are unsweetened, so if you use another brand you may need to add a sweetener such as Stevia. This recipe was written using our Kiss Kwenchers™.
  3. The two different mixtures will remain seperated in the bottle, and when you turn it upside down the colored liquid will flow thru the clear oil and look like a lava lamp! This is a clear gloss, the color is just for visual effect, it does not color your lips. Note: You can add real honey or corn syrup to the glycerin to thicken it if desired.


  • Clear labels look best on these! You can buy clear Avery labels at your local office supply store to print on your ink jet or laser printer.
  • Be sure to include a label on the back, or a hang tag attached to the neck of the bottle that includes the ingredients! This is a cosmetic, so you must list the ingredients in proper order and by their INCI name. We have the INCI names for all of our vegetable oils & mica on our website. Here is an example of what your ingredient list should look like:
  • Ricinus Communis (Castor) Oil, Glycerin, Flavor, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), FD&C Color#, Mica (&) Titanium Dioxide.
    (You should be able to get the FD&C color number off the food coloring package)
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