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24 Carat  
A Northwoods Christmas  
All Hallows Eve (Bubbles n' Lights)  
Almond Biscotti *NEW  
Almond Cherry**  
Alpine Cheer Type *NEW  
Amber Musk  
Amber RomanceType (Bubbles n' Lights)  
Amber Rose Tobacco  
Amish Friendship Bread  
Amish Harvest  
Angel Food Cake  
Angel Innocent Type  
Angel Type (a.ka. "Angelina") (BCS Original)  
Angel Wings  
Angel Wings (BCS Original)  
Apple Blossom  
Apple Butter Caramel  
Apple Flower (BBW Type) *NEW  
Apple Jack  
Apple Mango Tango Type  
Apple Peel  
Apple Pie  
AppleJack & Peel Type (Bubbles n' Lights)  
Apples & Evergreen  
Apples N' Oak Type  
Applesauce Cupcakes  
Apricot & Cream **  
Apricot *Limited Edition!  
Autumn Leaves Type (Bubbles n' Lights)  
Autumn Warmth  
Baby Powder (BCS Original)  
Baby Powder Type  
Baby Powder Type (Bubbles n' Lights)  
Bamboo (Wick Your Wax)  
Banana **  
Banana Blast  
Banana Nut Bread Type  
Basil Sage Mint  
Bear Claws  
Beautiful Type *Limited Edition!  
Bird of Paradise  
Biscotti (Wick Your Wax)  
Bitterberry Breezer  
Black Cherry  
Black Cherry** (BCS Original)  
Black Raspberry Vanilla Type  
Blackberry Musk (Bubbles n' Lights)  
Blackberry Sage  
Blue Sugar Type  
Blueberry Cobbler  
Blueberry Muffin** (BCS Original)  
Blueberry Muffins  
Blueberry Patch  
Brown Sugar  
Brown Sugar Nutmeg  
Bubble Gum ~~  
Butt Naked  
Butter Rum Allspice  
Buttercream Crunch (Wick Your Wax)**  
Buttercream Type  
Buttermilk Pancakes (Bubbles n' Lights)  
Butterscotch **  
Buttery Gingerbread (Wick Your Wax)  
CK One Type  
Cake Bake  
Campfire Smoke  
Candy Cane Type ~~  
Candy Corn  
Cappuccino Brulee  
Caramel (BCS Original)  
Caramel Apple ~~  
Caramel Walnut  
Carrot Cake  
Casablanca Lily (Wick Your Wax)  
Cedar & Saffron  
Cedar Wood  
Chai Tea  
Cherry Berry**  
Cherry Cobbler  
Cherry Vanilla  
China Rain  
Chocolate Chip Cookie  
Chocolate Chip Cookies (BCS Original)  
Chocolate Covered Berries  
Chocolate Syrup  
Christmas Cheer  
Christmas/Country Spice  
Cinnamon Bun  
Cinnamon Buns Type (BCS Original)  
Cinnamon Red Hot  
Cinnamon Stick  
Cinnamon Stick (Wick Your Wax)  
Cinnamon Surprise  
Cinnamon Toast Type  
Citrus Splash**  
Clean Cotton Type (Bubbles n' Lights)  
Clover Leaf  
Coastal Redwood *NEW  
Coconut Bay Type (Bubbles n' Lights)  
Coconut Lime  
Cookie Jar (Bubbles n' Lights)  
Cookies & Milk  
Cookies for Santa  
Cool Cucumber  
Cool Water Type  
Cotton Blossom Type (Bubbles n' Lights)  
Cotton Candy  
Country Berry Hotcakes ~~  
Country Clothesline  
Cowboy Blues  
Cranberry (BCS Original)  
Cranberry Crumble (BCS Original)  
Cranberry Pomegranate ~~  
Creme Brulee  
Crushed Ginger  
Cucumber Aloe (BCS Original)  
Cucumber Ivy Mint (Wick Your Wax)  
Cucumber Melon  
Cucumber Melon (Bubbles n' Lights)  
Cucumber Melon (Wick Your Wax)  
Cupid (Bubbles n' Lights)  
Diesel Only the Brave Type *NEW  
Dragon's Blood  
Drakkar Type  
Dream Weaver *Brought back by popular demand!  
Dreamsicle **  
Ed Hardy Original Women Type  
Eggnog **  
Enchanted Apple Type (Bubbles n' Lights)  
English Ivy  
Escape Type  
Eucalyptus **  
Eucalyptus Spearmint (Bubbles n' Lights)  
FCC Baby  
FCC Baby (oz)  
FCC Banana Cream Pie  
FCC Banana Nut Bread  
FCC Chocolate  
FCC Christmas Tree  
FCC Cinnamon Buns  
FCC Cucumber-Melon  
FCC Holiday Spice Mixed *Limited Edition!  
FCC Mango/Papaya ~~  
FCC Natural Musk  
Fig Pudding (Wick Your Wax)  
Frankincense & Myrrh  
Freesia (BCS Original)  
French Roast Coffee (BCS Original)  
French Vanilla  
French Vanilla (BCS Original)  
Fresh Apple  
Fresh Baked Bread  
Fresh Baked Bread (BCS Original)  
Fresh Blueberries (BCS Original)  
Fresh Brewed Coffee  
Fresh Cut Grass  
Fresh Rain  
Fresh Squeezed Oranges **  
Frost Bite  
Frosted Pine  
Fruit Salad  
Fruit Slices  
Fruity Loops  
Funnel Cake (BCS Original)  
Gardenia (BCS Original)  
Gel Aromas Cola (oz)  
Gel Aromas Papaya Passion (oz)  
Gel Aromas Peach Preserves (oz)  
Gentlemens Bay Rum (Bubbles n' Lights)  
Georgia Peach  
German Chocolate Cake  
Gift Basket  
Ginger Appletini  
Ginger Maple (Wick Your Wax)  
Ginger Snap  
Goddess (Wick Your Wax) *Limited Edition!  
Grandma's Kitchen  
Granny's Pie Crust  
Granny's Pie Crust (Bubbles n' Lights)  
Green Apple  
Green Tea  
Guava (BCS Original)  
Gummy Bears  
Happy Holidays  
Harvest Type  
Hawaiian Paradise~~  
Hayride (Bubbles n' Lights)  
Hazelnut Espresso  
Hearts & Flowers Type  
Hibiscus & Thai Palm (Wick Your Wax)  
Hinokiwood & Cypress (Wick Your Wax)  
Holiday Wassail (BCS Original)  
Home Sweet Home Type  
Homespun Sugar (BCS Original)  
Honey Pear Cider *Brought back by popular demand!  
Honeydew Melon  
Honeydew Melon (BCS Original)  
Honeydew Melon (Wick Your Wax)  
Horse *NEW  
Hot Apple Pie  
Hot Chocolate Type  
Hot Fudge Brownie  
Hot Maple Toddy (BCS Original)  
Huckleberry (BCS Original)  
Iced Tea Mango Sage  
Imagine Happiness Type (Bubbles n' Lights)  
Iris Fern Type (Bubbles n' Lights)  
Irish Cream  
Irish Cream (BCS Original)  
Irish Mocha  
Island Fresh Type  
Island Kola Nut (Wick Your Wax)  
Jack Frost Type (Bubbles n' Lights)  
Jamaican Bay Rum  
Jlo Glow Type  
Juicy Couture Type  
Juniper Breeze Type  
Key Lime Pie  
Kiwi Strawberry (BCS Original)  
Lavender & Sweet Basil (Wick Your Wax)  
Lavender (BCS Original)  
Lavender Basil (Bubbles n' Lights)  
Leather **  
Leha Leha (Wick Your Wax)  
Lemon **  
Lemon Cheesecake (BCS Original)  
Lemon Chiffon **  
Lemon Icebox Cake  
Lemon Pound Cake (BCS Original)  
Lemon Pucker  
Lemon Verbena (BCS Original)  
Lemongrass & Star Anise (Wick Your Wax)  
Lick Me All Over  
Lick Me All Over (BCS Original)  
Lily of the Valley  
Lime **  
Lime Basil  
Lime Leaf & Lily  
Log Cabin  
Love Spell Type  
Macadamia Nut  
Macintosh Apple Type  
Mango (BCS Original)  
Mango Macadamia Nut (Wick Your Wax)  
Mango Mandarin Type (Bubbles n' Lights)  
Mango Papaya  
Maple Butter  
Maple Honey Bread  
Maple Pecan  
Maple Pecan (BCS Original)  
Melon Medley (BCS Original)  
Mint Chocolate (BCS Original)  
Mistletoe & Ivy (BCS Original)  
Monkey Farts  
Mountain Lake Type  
Mulberry **  
Mulberry ** (BCS Original)  
Mulled Cider ~~  
Mulling Spices  
Nag Champa  
O'Kayu (Wick Your Wax)  
Oak Moss  
Oatmeal Milk n' Honey  
Ocean Mist  
Oh Christmas Tree  
Old Fashioned Christmas  
Olive Blossom (Bubbles n' Lights)  
Opium Type  
Orange Delight (BCS Original)  
Peach Melba (Wick Your Wax)  
Pear (BCS Original)  
Pear Glace  
Pear Tart (Wick Your Wax)  
Pecan Pie  
Pecan Praline ~~  
Peppercorn (BCS Original)  
Peppercorn (Bubbles n' Lights)  
Perfect Pumpkin (Wick Your Wax)  
Perfect Storm (Wick Your Wax)  
Persimmon Spice (Bubbles n' Lights)  
Persimmons & Water Orchid (Wick Your Wax)  
Picnic in the Park  
Pina Colada  
Pine Plantation **  
Pineapple Cilantro  
Pineapple Mangosteen (Wick Your Wax)  
Pink Sands Type  
Pink Sugar Type  
Poison Type  
Polo Sport Type (Bubbles n' Lights)  
Pomegranate Lemonade (BCS Original)  
Pomegrante & Anise (Bubbles n' Lights)  
Pump Up The Jam  
Pumpkin Cheesecake (BCS Original)  
Pumpkin Creme Brulee  
Pumpkin Pie  
Pumpkin Spice  
Pumpkin Spice (BCS Original)  
Pumpkin Spice (Cost Modified Dupe)  
Purely Herbal  
Queen of the Nile (Bubbles n' Lights)  
Raspberry Burst *NEW  
Red Currant (Votivo Type) (BCS Original)  
Rice Flower & Shea (BCS Original)  
Roasted Chestnuts (BCS Original)  
Romance for Women Type  
Rose Jasmine  
Rosemary Mint (Bubbles n' Lights)  
Sage & Citrus (Wick Your Wax)  
Sage & Pepper Leaf  
Sage, Sweetgrass & Cedar (Bubbles n' Lights)  
Sandalwood (BCS Original)  
Sandalwood Vanilla (Bubbles n' Lights)  
Sea Breeze  
Sex on the Beach (BCS Original)  
Sex on the Beach **  
Sissie's Sugar Cookies (BCS Original)  
Smoke Eliminator  
Snickerdoodle (BCS Original) *Limited Edition!  
Snickerdoodle Latte  
Snowberry (Wick Your Wax)  
Sour Cream Spice Cake  
Southern Magnolia  
Spiced Apple  
Spiced Cider  
Spiced Cranberry  
Spiced Gum Drops  
Spiced Pear Type  
Spring Rain  
Stonehenge Type  
Strawberry Cheesecake  
Strawberry Jam  
Sugar Cane  
Sugar Cookie Type  
Summer Romance  
Summer Sorbet (BCS Original)  
Sun Ripened Raspberry Type  
Sunflowers Type  
Sweet Grass  
Sweet Iced Tea  
Sweet Pea Type (Bubbles n' Lights)  
Sweet Potato Pecan Pie (Wick Your Wax)  
Tea Cakes (BCS Original)  
Teakwood Mahogany (BCS Original)  
Texas Bluebonnet  
Tidal Wave  
Toasted Marshmallow  
Toffee Maple Crunch (Bubbles n' Lights)  
Tomato Leaf  
Tommy Girl Type  
Tommy Type  
Tranquil Tropics Type (Bubbles n' Lights)  
Tropical Nights (BCS Original)  
Turkish Hazelnut Cafe  
Tutti Fruity  
Tuxedo (Wick Your Wax)  
Twigs & Berries  
Vanilla Bean Supreme  
Vanilla Extract (BCS Original)  
Vanilla Grapefruit (Wick Your Wax)**  
Vanilla Lace Type (Bubbles n' Lights)  
Vanilla Lime (BCS Original)  
Vanilla Nut Bread (Bubbles n' Lights) *Limited Edition!  
Vanilla Nut Tart  
Vanilla Spice  
Vanilla Velvet  
Verbena Berry  
Vermont Maple Syrup  
Very Vanilla  
Victorian Rose  
Warm Apple Pie (Bubbles n' Lights)  
Warm Vanilla Sugar Type (BBW Type) (BCS Original)  
Warm Vanilla Sugar Type (Bubbles n' Lights)  
Water Blossom Ivy Type  
Wedding Cake (BCS Original)  
Wedding Day Type (BCS Original)  
Whipped Cream (BCS Original)  
White Chestnut Spice  
White Chocolate (BCS Original)  
White Diamonds Type *Limited Edition!  
White Plum Chutney (Wick Your Wax)  
White Shoulders Type  
Wild Jasmine (Bubbles n' Lights)  
Wild Watermelon **  
Wildberry (BCS Original)  
Wildberry Zinger Tea  
Wine & Roses  
Ylang Ylang  
Yuletide **  
Zucchini Bread  
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