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Bath and Body Unscented Bases:

Bitter Creek Candle Supply offers an outstanding selection of unscented body care bases. Our bases are perfect for everyone from the seasoned veteran to someone who has never created body care items before.

Just weigh or measure the base, add fragrance or flavor and appropriate coloring and voila! You have your own body care creations! An excellent addition to an existing candle line or on it's own! The personal care industry is one of the fastest growing markets around!

Bath & Body Measuring Chart!

Chart Based on 1 oz per Gallon
(cut these amounts in half for products you only use 1/2 oz per gallon in)
Amount of
Bath Base
you are making
to add
in Ounces
on a
digital scale
Amount in
Table Spoons
in Tea Spoons
in Drops

1 Gallon
(128 oz.)
add 1 oz. 1 2 Tbsp 6 tsp 29.57 28.35 652
1/2 Gallon
(64 oz.)
add 1/2 oz. .5 1 Tbsp 3 tsp 14.79 14.17 326
32 oz.
(1 quart)
add 1/4 oz. .25 1/2 Tbsp 1 1/2 tsp 7.39 7.09 163
16 oz.
(1 pound)
add 1/8 oz. .125 1/4 Tbsp 3/4 tsp 3.7 3.54 81
8 oz. add 1/16 oz. .0625 1/8 Tbsp 3/8 tsp 1.85 1.77 40
4 oz.
1/32 oz. .03125 1/16 Tbsp 3/16 tsp .925 .885 20
*(Based on an average of 23 drops per gram or 115 drops per teaspoon.)

Want to figure out what percentage you're adding when you add an ounce to the gallon?
Take the amount of additive in ounces (1), + the amount of the base (128 oz.) = 129 total ounces.
Now take the additive (1 oz) divided by the total (129 oz) and you get = .00775
Take that number and multiply (x) 100, and that gives you the percentage of .775%,
which is a little over 3/4ths of a percent.

Bitter Creek offers FREE Technical Support to all our customers! Online help is available 9am to 5pm Central Time Monday through Friday. Click here to contact Tech Support by phone, e-mail or through our Live Online Chat Application! Real candle and soap making advice from a working crafter with two decades experience in the business!

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Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer Base ( Liquid Spray) *NEW!
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Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer Base ( Liquid Spray) *NEW!

Brand NEW product to Bitter Creek!
Hand Sanitizer Liquid Spray Base!
80% Ethyl Alcohol content
*Fragrance free!

NDC# 30056-003-28

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Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer Base (Light Gel)
See details
Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer Base (Light Gel)

70% Ethyl Alcohol content
*Fragrance free
*Enriched with soothing Aloe Vera & Vitamin E!

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