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EZ ParaSoy Container Wax
EZ ParaSoy Container Wax  
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Bitter Creek Candle Supply, Inc. introduces the most amazing new wax in candle making today, The EZ ParaSoy! What makes this wax so special? Well we are glad you asked! We have for years known that the blend of paraffin and soy was like a marriage made in heaven. Paraffin waxes have long been known for their beautiful, creamy appearance and their ability to easily accept most fragrances with amazing hot and cold scent throw. Paraffin candles also have amazing, vibrant, bold and beautiful color and can use literally any type of dye. But paraffin wax can tend to soot some. Soy is a bit more selective with fragrances and most certainly with colorants. Soy tends to pit and grow if exposed to temperature extremes or it will do so if not poured at the correct temperature. Soy can also tend to frost which to some is unacceptable, but it is so clean burning and that's the beauty of soy! We have found that this hybrid blend of paraffin and soy creates the very best of both worlds! EZ ParaSoy creates a candle that is smooth, creamy and beautifully colored weather it is a pastel, bright, bold or dark color. EZ ParaSoy creates a candle that is cooler burning with reduced soot like that of a soy candle! EZ ParaSoy has PHENOMENAL scent throw both hot and cold! It's the perfect marriage between two waxes!

EZ ParaSoy can be used to make container candles and wax melts
Fragrance Load:
6% is considered optimal but 9% is possible
Dye: Liquid, Chip, Block, Flake & Powder Dye can all be used in this wax

Wick Suggestions: CD,
ECO, HTP, RRD, LX, Performa
Wax Type:
EZ ParaSoyis a paraffin & soy blend.
Additive Suggestion:
EZ ParaSoy has the optimal blend of additives already in the wax. You may want to however add UV Color Stabilizer to prevent fading and chemical color change.

Instructions for use:
Heat wax to 180-195. Once wax reaches desired temp, add your dye, blend well then add fragrance and again blend well. This wax should be poured between 165-180* into heated containers. This wax will not adhere to the jars under normal circumstance, instead it will pull away.

This wax WILL likely need a slight top off to fill any minor sink holes. Since this wax does pull away from the container, this will need to be done within the first few hours after your initial pour or it will pour down between the container and the wax. Just re-heat the remainder of the wax from the first pour 10 hotter than the first pour, just up to the original pour line.

*For jelly and mason jars or other jars that are taller than they are wide, we recommend pouring the wax at about 185-190 into heated containers and cooling at room temp. The increased pour temp will allow for more even cooling and less sink holes.

*This wax also works excellent for Clamshell wax melts poured at 150, no additives needed. I would not recommend it for tarts made in molds though.

A MSDS for this product is available in a printable format here

For testing purposes, we offer for sale, 10 pound slabs or bags of wax.

*We can only offer recommendations as to what wax will perhaps work best for you but we cannot guarantee any certain wax to work best in any application because of the many variables involved. The only way to determine the appropriate wax selection is by experimentation. Test burning will be necessary to determine the best wax for your candles!

Bitter Creek offers FREE Technical Support to all our customers! Online help is available 9am to 5pm Central Time Monday through Friday. Click here for information on how to contact Tech Support by phone, e-mail or through our Live Online Chat Application! Real candle making advice from a working chandler with nearly two decades experience in the business!

SKU wxEzParasoy11
Price: $22.60

EZ ParaSoy

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Customer Reviews

Author: Sandy Rooney
I think that this is a very good wax, but it is not good for use in tart molds. It is a little too soft. The percentage of soy/paraffin is not stated, so I had to take my chances. Customer service was great, and I received my order the next day.

Author: Soy-N-Suds
I wished I would have tried this years ago. It's new for me and I've been testing it with great results.

Colors are beautiful and CT and HT are excellent.

I've wanted a 16oz Apothecary jar wood wick line in my candle section which consists of 5oz apothecary, primitive pint jar, tea lights, and votives.

I hope I can make it work with this wax. It's looking promising. The candles are beautiful!

I'm hoping to have 6-8 scents with excellent burning candles (excellent = burn, throw, appearance, and cost) in 6 months.

Author: Rocky
I'd give this a ten if I could.

Easy to work with and my candles are beautiful. They smell awesome, burn great, and everyone loves them.

Author: Jeanne P
I tried this due to the previous two reviews and I am extremely happy. I'm still wick testing but the hot throw on candles is excellent. I poured three different scents for melts and they are also great. I am switching to this wax for all my uses.

Author: Soy-N-Suds
This has turned out to be my go to wax.

Author: Candle Guru
This is a beautiful Parasoy blend. Excellent CT and HT. This colors nicely using bitter creeks color chips. I haven't tried other dyes, but these are great. One of the easiest waxes I've worked with over 21 years of candle making.

Author: roxane peterson
I've been using this for jars and clamshell wax melts and it's very easy to wick with great HT and CT. In 90% of the FO I've used.

I decided to pour the extra into a votive mold this past week and to my surprise it released easy and my votive was awesome smelling.

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