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EcoSoya PB Pillar Blend
EcoSoya PB Pillar Blend  

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EcoSoyaŽ PB makes all molded candles such as votives and pillars. It has excellent scent throw working best with fragrances and is self-releasing from molds.

EcoSoyaŽ PB is made from pure 100% soybeans and carefully selected botanical oils. Candles made with EcoSoya PB have a creamy appearance and ship well in all climates.

EcoSoyaŽ Pillar Blend (PB) Melt Point: 130°F Molded Candle Soy Wax. This wax is designed specifically for molded candles. This wax is not suitable for making container candles but excellent results are achieved when using this wax for free standing pillar candles and votive candles.

Uses: Pillar Candles, Votive Candles
Fragrance Load: 6% is considered idea but will hold up to 9%
Dye: Chip, Block, Flake, Powder
Wick Suggestions: Flat Braid, Square Braid for pillars CD, ECO, HTP, RRD, Performa, Paper Core for votives
Wax Type: Soybean
Additive Suggestion: Soy waxes are considered optimal as are.. You may want to however add UV Color Stabilizer to prevent fading and chemical color change.

Instructions for use:

Heat wax to 175-190*, add dye (liquid dyes are not recommended for use in soy wax but block, chips, flakes and powders make exceptional colorants for soy) and blend well, add fragrance and again blend well. We recommend adding scent between 160-175* for best results. Short term high temperatures (such as 190°F) have no adverse effect on the wax, as long as the wax is quickly cooled down. Please note that temperatures higher than 190°F may cause the wax to discolor.

Pour temperatures may vary according to mold type and size, fragrance and dye used and the effects you want to achieve. Add scent and mix at a high temperature or immediately before pouring. If you experience difficulty in pouring, adjust the pour temperature in increments of 10°F. Some waxes require tapping the mold while pouring to prevent bubbles, but EcoSoyaŽ PB does not produce bubbles when poured.

PB Double-Pour: Two pours are required when using with larger candles (such as 3“- 4" pillars). Pour the first measure of wax at 155°F to fill the mold to the top and allow the candle to cool until it is warm with a congealed center and no liquid. When the top of the mold (bottom of the candle) has "skinned" over and left a void inside, poke two holes into the candle near the wick and pour a second time at 145°F. Do not pour past the solidified wax of the first pour; in essence you are filling the first pour. Cool at room temperature. Note: other cooling techniques used with paraffin have similar effects.

Making Votives with PB: Pour the first measure of wax at 155°F by filling the mold within 1/8 inch from the top. Allow the candle to cool until it is warm with a congealed center and no liquid. When the top of the candle has "skinned" over, poke two holes near the wick and pour a second time at 145°F to completely fill the votive mold.

Molds should be clean and at room temperature when preparing. They may need conditioning before using EcoSoyaŽ soy wax. To condition, clean the mold, re-melt the wax and re-pour. Condition molds if candles do not release well after drying.

*Pour temperatures should be checked and confirmed according to seasonal changes.
*This wax is not a good choice for making wax melts due to it's higher melt point and resistance to melting.

For testing purposes, we offer 10 pound slabs or bags of wax.

*We can only offer recommendations as to what wax will perhaps work best for you but we cannot guarantee any certain wax to work best in any application because of the many variables involved. The only way to determine the appropriate wax selection is by experimentation. Test burning will be necessary to determine the best wax for your candles!

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Price: $17.95


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Author: Brent Newman
Really pleased with this wax. Over-all very nice clean burning smooth pillars.

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