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Frequently Asked Questions:

Please take a moment to check our FAQs below.
If you don't find your answer, contact us by e-mail at Info@candlesupply.com.
Thank you!

  • Q ~ Do you have any minimum ordering requirement?
    A ~ Yes, there is a $75 minimum when you order from us.

  • Q ~ What about buying wholesale? Do I need a tax ID? Is there a price break on much larger quantities of an item?
    A ~ Residents of Wisconsin
    all orders picked up locally must be charged Wisconsin tax unless we are provided with a completed Wisconsin Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate and a copy of your current Wisconsin tax ID certificate at the time of the order. 
  • Our prices are as listed on our website.
    If you need a price quote on quantities much larger than listed on our site, please contact us.

  • Q ~ Do you have a catalog you can send me?
    A ~ No, we do not have a hard copy catalog. In this industry prices and availability change as often as weekly. Because of this a print catalog is impossible to keep up with. Our website is our catalog.

  • Q ~ What about the shipping charge on my order?
    A ~ We use
    UPS and FedEx, Spee-Dee and the US Postal Service.

  • Q ~ When one of the items I'm ordering is out of stock, does it go on back order?
    A ~ No, out of stock items are not automatically back ordered. You must re-order that item the next time you place an order. We will be happy to notify you when a certain item comes back in stock, so just ask your order operator!

  • Q ~ Do you offer samples of your fragrance oils?
    A ~ In order to maintain our low pricing we cannot offer samples. We do sell smaller sampler sizes in 1 ounce bottles for only $2.50 each. We suggest you try samples first before buying larger quantities to determine which scents you like since we do not allow returns on fragrance oils.

  • Q ~ What is your return policy?
    A ~ Please see our Company Policies page for complete info.

  • Q ~ Why does shipping cost so much when my order was so small?
    A ~
    UPS & FedEX charge a minimum of a full pound for any package, even if it weighs less. The first pound costs the most, and the more pounds you ship, the further your shipping dollar goes! Here is an example: You live in Arizona and your zip code is 85625. If we ship you a 1 pound package, the shipping will cost $16.37. Here are the rates on that zip code and package in 1 pound increments: 2 lbs = $17.49, 3 lbs = $18.11, 4 lbs = $18.64, 5 lbs = $19.00, 6 lbs = $19.27, 7 lbs = $19.48. So you see, for a little over a dollar more you can ship 3 more pounds worth of merchandise! Why order a 1 ounce bottle of dye that's only $4.95, when you're going to pay more than that to ship it? You're better off getting a bigger order together and stretching your shipping dollars!

  • Q ~ I want to know what a certain fragrance smells like....
    A ~ Each of our fragrances have complete scent descriptions, as well as color suggestions for each type of candle dye, flash points, skin safety info and many have CP soap test results. MSDS sheets are also linked from each fragrance page and can be printed for your records. We sell 1 oz. Sample fragrances to ensure your ability to test before purchasing larger quantities.

  • Q ~ Can your fragrance oils be used in making soap or toiletries too?
    A ~ Our oils are specially formulated and tested for use in candles, and can also be used in room spray, incense or potpourri. The majority of our oils are safe for use in soaps and lotions, but many are not, so you will need to check each individual fragrance description chart to be sure.

  • Q ~ Are your fragrance oils tested on animals?
    A ~ No, the oils we carry are not tested on animals.

  • Q ~ What are your sales or specials for this month?
    A ~ Please Check our Facebook page ans subscribe to our newsletter for sales, new product announcements and our scent of the month. You can also access our newsletter online Here.

  • Q ~ What if I need supplies you don't carry....can you order them for me?
    A ~ If you know of a product you'd like to be able to order on a regular basis, please let us know and we will check into it for you! Just drop us an email.

  • Q ~ I have a candlemaking question and need some instructions or advice....please help!
    A ~ No problem! :) We will be happy to help you and provide technical assistance with your candle & soap making questions. Email techsupport@candlesupply.com

  • Q ~ How can I figure out how much wax I will need to make the number of candles I want to make?
    A ~ It's just a little math :) Each pound of wax will make about 18-20 ounces of liquid wax once it's melted. You will need to know how many ounces of liquid your containers (jars or molds) hold. Say you're making 8 oz. jar candles, and you want to make 15 of them. 15 x 8 = 120 ounces of liquid you will need. Divide that 120 by 20 (which is a pound of wax) and you get 6. Therefore, you will need about 6 pounds of wax to make fifteen of your eight ounce jar candles. Always figure a little high just in case, it's easier to have some left over than to have to melt more and try to match the same color again! You can use the leftover wax for tarts or fire starters :)

If you don't find your answer, contact us by e-mail at Info@candlesupply.com.

Thank you!

  • Q~ Why was I not automatically redirected to PayPal for payment?
    A~ We do not automatically bill your method of payment upon submission of your order. Please watch for a payment request to come into the email you had provided on your order. Click on the link provided in the email to login to your PayPal account and complete payment.
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