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Having a Candle or Soaper's Gathering or Convention?

Let BC be a sponsor!

We will donate door prizes, samples or gift certificates to help make your gathering a success!

Please understand that we receive a large number of requests, and while we would love to be able to honor them all, we cannot accommodate every one. So we ask that you please review the following list and make sure your group meets these requirements before submitting your application form.

Gathering Sponsorship Requirements:

  • Group must have at least 20 confirmed people attending the gathering.
  • Must give us at least 1 month notice before the gathering.
  • Must have a web page online with all details including date, time, place, directions and events planned.
    Note: If your group is on Yahoogroups, your list's homepage on yahoo is sufficient.
  • Must list Bitter Creek as a contributing sponsor on website with a banner link to our site.
    Use this banner: Bitter Creek Candle Supply! www.candlesupply.com
    Here is the HTML code to insert:

    (If site is a yahoogroups site, please add our link to your "bookmarks" section.)

  • Must provide us a list of names, addresses and e-mails of all gathering attendees*.
    (This is for our own personal use and will not be sold or shared with anyone.

Some fun ideas for gatherings:

* Have soap or candlemaking project demonstrations!

* Invite guest speakers to talk about marketing & selling ideas, display ideas, etc!

* Hold soap or candle swaps!
Example: Each person brings 1 votive or 1 soap bar to put in the swap box, then everybody reaches in and gets one (hopefully not their own!).

* Have an ugly soap or candle contest!

* Have a recipe swap!
Example: Each person types up a sheet on a candle or soap project they specialize in, and brings enough copies to hand out for everyone at the gathering.

* Set up a "sniffy table" with scent samples for everyone to smell! (don't forget the coffee grounds!)

* Have a soap or candle trivia quiz and give out door prizes donated by sponsoring suppliers!

* Hand out brochures, cards, coupons, and samples sent by sponsoring suppliers!

* Take photos of the gathering to put on your website to encourage more visitors next year!

If your group meets the requirements above, just fill in & submit the form below:
Your name:
E-mail address:
Name of Group/Gathering:
Type of Gathering:
What type of products would you be most interested in for door prizes:
Date of Gathering or Convention:
Group's Website:
Has our banner link been added to your site yet?
How many people will be attending the gathering:
Please list the names and e-mail addresses of all confirmed attendees:
(each on a separate line)

Address to ship door prizes or samples to:

Once you submit this form, we will review your group's website and contact you to let you know when your request has been approved or if there are any problems or questions. Once our banner link has been added to your site, your package will be shipped and you will be notified by email. Thanks for the opportunity to introduce our products to your group, we hope you enjoy them!


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