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Melt and Pour Soap Making Supplies:

Basic Melt and Pour Soap Making Directions:

Making Melt and Pour soap is both easy and fun to do! With these easy to follow instructions, you will be a pro at making basic bars of soap in no time at all! Once you've got the hang of things, you can move on to more advanced techniques and more complicated designs. These instructions will make it a breeze to master those basic skills and be sure you have what you need to be a success when making your very own Melt and Pour soap!

Before getting started, it is best to assemble everything you will need. New adventures are fun but it's important that you have everything ready when you need it. Here is a simple list of the equipment and supplies needed to get you on the path to soapy success!

Supplies & Equipment list:
*Bitter Creek Melt and Pour Soap Base
*Bitter Creek Cosmetic Colorants (any soap safe dye, mica or glitter)
*Bitter Creek Fragrance Oils Safe for Soap making
*Bitter Creek Soap Molds for Melt and Pour Soap
*A medium size knife, sharp enough to cut the soap
*A cutting board to cut the soap on (I prefer plastic)
*A stainless steel spoon
*Pyrex measure cups or similar (appropriate size for your project)
*A microwave to melt the soap base
*A digital scale to weigh your soap and fragrance
*A fine mist spray bottle with rubbing alcohol

It is now time to put this all to use and make some soap! Be sure to follow the instructions closely for the best results.

1. Cut the amount of soap needed for the mold you plan to use. Be sure to weigh this to ensure accuracy and prevent waste.
2. In a microwave, melt the base in 30 second intervals, gently stirring between to be sure you're not overheating the base. Melt until the base becomes liquid but is not boiling. Over-heating can cause scorching and destruction of the preservation system in the base.
3. One melted, add any dye, mica or glitter you desire, stir well.
4. Once the color has been added, add fragrance. The maximum amount of fragrance is 3% or ½ ounce per pound of soap by weight.
5. Slowly pour the melted, scented and colored soap into the molds.
6. Spritz the molded soap with rubbing alcohol to pop¯ any bubbles that exist to ensure a smooth bottom.

Your masterpiece is complete! You have now made a basic melt and pour soap! Enjoy!

Bitter Creek offers FREE Technical Support to all our customers! Online help is available 9am to 5pm Central Time Monday through Friday. Click here to contact Tech Support by phone, e-mail or through our Live Online Chat Application! Real candle and soap making advice from a working crafter with two decades experience in the business!

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EZ Pour Soap Measuring Cup (3.5 cup capacity)
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EZ Pour Soap Measuring Cup (3.5 cup capacity)

Accurately and easily pour up to 3.5 cups of soap into a soap mold with each pour from this spouted measuring cup. A handy tool for all Melt & Pour/CP soap makers!

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