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How To Make Bath Salts
Bath Salts are a favorite of both men and women! Who doesn't need a little relaxation and self pampering, right? A great easy to make item to add to your spa line!

You Will Need:


  • Add your FO* or EO* to the dendritic salt first and mix well, then add that mixture to the other salts and mix well. You can use a large rubbermaid or tupperware bowl with an airtight lid so you can shake them up good.
    *Make sure to use a LOTION SAFE fragrance! Remember, people will be soaking in the bath salts for extended periods of time, so make sure the fragrance or EO's you choose are safe for long term use on skin!
  • You can tweak this basic recipe any way you like... add baking soda, powdered goat's milk, crushed herbs like lavender, chamomile, peppermint etc, loose herbal teas, citric acid to make fizzing salts... possibilities are endless!
    *Note: When adding herbs or tea, remember these can make a mess in the tub, so you may want to package these in organza bags as a bath salt sachet... the salts will dissolve into the water and leave the tea leaves in the bag so there's no mess


  • Coloring: You can add color using FD&C liquid dyes and/or mica powder. Add only a drop at a time of Bath & Body liquid dyes to your salts and mix well. For shimmer, add about 1/8 tsp mica powder and mix well. (Add these before adding the fragrance).
  • Packaging Ideas: You can use cello bags for a standard look, or for a cute country/prim look put a clear poly bag of salts inside our Kraft Brown window tin-tie bags! Or for a more upscale presentation of high-end salts you could use our Oval Cosmetic Jars, or our clear plastic Votive Tubes! *The votive tubes do not have a tight fitting lid, so clear tape is recommended to avoid spilling.
    Various glass jars can be used also, but keep in mind many people don't like glass in their bathrooms in case of breakage on tile floors. You can also package your salts in a bag or jar with a cute wooden or plastic scoop tied to the package, or even put a seashell in the container for a scoop! (Make sure to sterilize the shell in bleach water first just to be safe & clean). If using teas or herbs in your salts, try making Bath Salt Sachets and package them in Organza Bags for single bath use! Very cute and upscale!
  • Pricing: You will need to figure up your cost per pound based on the ingredients you decide to use. For retail, generally most people use a 3 to 4 times markup. For wholesale you want to at least double your cost. Don't forget to include your shipping costs when figuring your supply cost. When pricing, remember to include your packaging and labeling cost. It's hard for me to make a suggestion on pricing when there are so many variables involved, so your best bet is to figure up your costs on your recipe and your packaging, then shop around on the web and see what your competition is charging for the same size package. Then determine a reasonable and profitable price from there!
  • Marketing: Bath Salts are great sellers on their own or in baskets with other bath & body or spa type products! A great way to market them is to tell people of their skin conditioning, muscle relaxing, and aromatherapy properties. Different recipes will have different affects on the body, so use that information on your product label or brochures!
  • Labeling: Dissolve approx. 1/4 cup of salts in warm bath water, soak and enjoy! Caution: Do not use in jacuzzi/water jet tubs or hot tubs as it may be damaging to the jets. Use only in a regular bath tub or air jet tub.
  • FDA Labeling: This is a cosmetic, so you must list the ingredients in proper order and by their INCI name. We have the INCI names for all of our ingredients on our websites. Here is an example of what your ingredient list should look like:
  • Ingredients: Sodium Chloride (Dead Sea Salts), Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt), Sodium Chloride (Dendritic Salt), Cyclomethicone, Fragrance.

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