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How To Make Foot Spa Products
Sandal season is here! But after the long winter those feet need a little pampering. Here are some great ideas for spa pedicure products that are easy to make and will boost your summer sales!

Spearmint Foot Soak w/Baking Soda:

Relax those tired toes with a refreshing foot soak of baking soda and spearmint oil! Take regular baking soda & add a few drops of a lotion safe FO or EO if you prefer, and shake well. Package in baggies with directions to add approx. ½ cup of powder to 1 gallon warm water and soak feet.

Funky Feet Antibacterial Foot Wash:

Use our Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap with Spearmint fragrance and package in our clear 8 oz pump bottles!

Sweet Feet Spearmint Soy Sugar Scrub:

Blend soybean oil, white sugar and Spearmint fragrance oil. Package in our oval cosmetic jars. For an 8 oz jar, use 1 cup of white sugar and about 3 to 4 oz of oil (you can use all soybean or a blend of various oils). Add 2 tsp of Marine Green Jojoba Spheres for a little color and added exfoliation, and two Vitamin E capsules or ½ tsp Vitamin E oil for an antioxidant. Fragrance with ½ tsp fragrance or essential oil.

Pedi-Mint Foot Cooling Soy Lotion:

Use our Lotion Base, add 1% soybean oil and 1% spearmint fragrance for a cooling foot lotion!

Pedi-Pretty Soy Cuticle Balm:

Using our soy based Lip & Body Balm and spearmint fragrance, pour into our oval tins for a conditioning nail and cuticle balm! Also great on dry, rough heels!

Dry Oil Silky Spearmint Foot Spray:

Treat your feet and beat the heat! Cool those tootsies with a dry silky foot spray using Cyclomethicone and Spearmint fragrance! You can even add a little bit of shimmery mica powder to give the feet a sexy sandal-ready look!

Spearmint Sneaker Powder:

Not the sandal type? Use corn starch and add a few drops of spearmint fragrance, shake well and package in empty spice shakers. This is perfect for feet that tend to sweat in tennis shoes!

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