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How To Make Soap Petals
Soap Petals are one of the hottest new craft trends around! They make great gifts, addition to gift baskets, and they sell great in gift shops! Single use petals are perfect for guest soaps too! There are a few ways of making them, so we will show you a couple of suggestions here, and you can decide which works best for you!

1 pound of MP soap will do somewhere around 500 petals or leaves.

Method 1 - Dipping on a board

You Will Need:

  • Silk Rose Petals
  • Foamy Tagboard
  • Straight Pins
  • Drawer Organizer Tray (or any rectangle dish to dip soap in, like a loaf pan)
  • M&P Soap (clear)
  • Fragrance Oil (soap safe)
  • Either a clothesline to hang the boards on or shelving to lay them on (Need to be able to hang over the edge so the petals don't touch)


  1. Cut the tagboard in strips (about 3 inches wide) and long enough to just fit into the drawer organizer/dish.
  2. Pin roses to the tagboard on one long edge. Don't push the pins all the way in because you don't want the petal to touch the tagboard. I always do this ahead of time in the evenings while watching TV.
  3. Melt 1-2 lbs of clear M&P, add fragrance and pour into drawer tray/pan.
  4. Dip the edge of the tagboard that the petals are attached to, making sure to completely submerge the petals. Quickly lift out and allow to drain a bit, and place on a ledge or shelf so that the petals hang freely over the edge and are not touching anything. Or you can hang the tag boards with clothespins on a make-shift clothesline. Put wax paper or old newspaper under them to catch drippings.
  5. Allow to dry thouroughly, and package.
Tip: If the soap in your pan starts to skim over, you can reheat it in the microwave (just make sure you're using a microwave safe dish!). The pins will only leave a very tiny pin hole in your petals, so small it will not be seen.

Method 2 - Stringing on a line

You Will Need:


  1. Thread the needle using double thread, and run it thru the edge of the rose petals, stringing them like popcorn. You will want to make your thread long enough to leave extra at each end to attach onto something to hang. Spread the petals apart on the thread so they don't stick together when you dip them.
  2. Melt clear M&P, add fragrance, and pour into drawer tray or loaf pan.
  3. Starting at one end of your string of petals, dip in as much as will go into the organizer, lift that out, and add another group, etc. until you have the whole string dipped. It works best if you have someone next to you to hold up the string while you finish dipping.
  4. Hang the string up on hooks or nails, or whatever works best for you, so that the string hangs like a clothesline. Be sure to put wax paper or old newspaper underneath to catch the drippings.
  5. Let hang until completely dry, and then package.

Method 3 - Pan Soaking


  1. Melt your MP soap in a double boiler on the stove, and add your fragrance.
  2. Drop rose petals into the melted soap and stir around to make sure each petal gets completely submerged.
  3. Pick petals out with long tweezers, hemostats or needle nose pliers, one by one, and set on metal cooling racks to dry.
  4. Put wax paper under racks to catch drippings.
Instructions courtesy of Jan from Dakota Scentsations! Thanks Jan!

Creative Packaging Ideas and Tips:

  • Add mica powder to your melted soap for a neat shimmery look for the holidays!
  • Use our clear plastic votive tubes to package your petals for an upscale look!
  • You can use clear cello bags and tie the tops with metallic or colored ribbon!
  • Package your petals in our tin tie window bags in white or kraft brown!
  • How about filling a little basket with petals & leaves and shrink wrapping it!
  • Find some neat soap dishes or pretty crystal bowls to sell with your petals!
  • Try putting a handful of petals in a large sea shell inside a clear bag!
  • Petals are beautiful in a clear crystal candy dish with a lid to set on the counter!
  • Package your petals in our Wire Bail Lid Jars for a unique presentation!
  • Petals look so elegant in our frosted tealight boxes!
  • Display your petals in your shop with a pretty pitcher and bowl set on a stand, so you can let people try one out and wash their hands with it! Demonstrations make great sales!

Selling & Labeling Tips:

Most people sell their soap petals & soap leaves in packages of 25 for around $5.00 - 7.00 average, or packs of 50 for around $10.00 - 13.00. You may want to make labels or cards with simple instructions to go on or in your packages. Basic instructions are, take 1 petal in hand, run under warm water in sink, rub in hands to release lather, rinse hands, and discard petal in wastebasket. You could put something on your labels that says "Disposable hand soap petals" or similar, so people know they are meant to be thrown away after 1 use. They do not disintegrate and are not to be washed down the drain!

Make sure people know these are silk petals hand dipped in fragrant glycerin soap. They can be used as individual single use guest soaps, or as a luxurious endulgance in your bathtub... how romantic! Be sure to include an ingredient label just as you would with any melt & pour soap, including a full list of ingredients in the proper order and with the proper INCI names. Many people call them "Soap Petals", but you could call them "Silk Soaps", or "Silk Suds", or "Bubbly Buds", "Lathering Leaves", etc.

These also make wonderful samples to hand out with your business card to shops, florists, etc! Silk rose petals can also be spritzed with refresher oil (fragrance & dpg) and put in dishes as a scented potpourri, or mixed in with other potpourri blends to add color. They are also great for weddings for the flower girl to sprinkle as she walks down the aisle! Or how about sprinkling lightly scented silk rose petals on your honeymoon bed for a romantic setting! They look beautiful sprinkled in with filler in gift baskets, or around the base of a candle holder for a pretty dinner table setting! They make a great house warming gift, shower gift, or the perfect gift for those people who have everything!

Fragrance Suggestions:

Here are several ideas for each color petal:

Pink: Plumeria, Victorian Rose, Rose Jasmine, Hearts & Flowers, Pink Grapefruit
Pale Pink: Baby Powder, Angel Innocent type, Strawberries n Cream
Fuscia: Sunset, Mulberry, Dewberry, Gift Basket, Sun Ripened Raspberry
White: Gardenia, Angel type, Coconut, Angel Wings, Magnolia
Yellow: Honeysuckle, Voodoo Love (smells like yellow roses), Lemon Pucker
Lavender: Lilac, Lavender, Dream Weaver, Heather, Orchid, Sugar Plum
Burgundy: Wine & Roses, Cabernet, Wine Cellar, Jingleberry
Peach: Passion Papaya, Mango Papaya, Just Peachy, Starfruit & Mango, Apricot, Cantaloupe
Red: Victorian Rose, Wine & Roses, Pomegranate, MacIntosh Apple, Wild Watermelon
Cream: Very Vanilla, Macadamia Nut, Oatmeal Milk n' Honey, Champagne
Pale Blue: Baby Powder, Ocean Mist, Tidal Wave, Water Blossom Ivy, Juniper Breeze, Spring Rain
Green Leaves: English Ivy, Purely Herbal, Clover Leaf, Cucumber, Eucalyptus, Tomato Leaf

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