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How To Make Hurricane Candles


  1. Melt and color your wax as usual. Place the metal sleeve inside the mold. Place any items you wish to embed in the hurricane between the walls of the sleeve and the mold. Note: some items may float, such as coffee beans.
  2. When the wax reaches 200 degrees, pour it slowly into the mold until filled to within 1/2" of the top. (fill both outside and inside the sleeve)
  3. Place the mold very carefully in a water bath and weight down with a mold weight to prevent the mold from floating and tipping.
  4. Allow the mold to set in the "bath" until a film has formed over the surface of the wax (the walls of the candle should be about 3/8" thick at this time).
  5. Remove the mold from the bath, insert a paring knife through the surface film parallel with the sleeve, and cut out and remove the center film.
  6. Pour out the remaining melted wax from the core of the mold, leaving the shell and metal sleeve in tact.
  7. Allow the wax shell to cool until ready to withdraw from the mold. With the shell out of the mold, place a votive candle in the votive glass in the center of the hurricane shell. When lit, this will glow through the sides of the candle and produce a beautiful display.
  8. Use only a high melt point wax to enable the shell to withstand the heat of the votive candle flame. Even then it is only recommended that these be burned for about 2 hours at a time to prevent any softening to the sides. While burning, make sure to keep away from any drafts which may blow the flame toward one side.

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