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EZSoy Container Wax Flakes
EZSoy Container Wax Flakes  

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Ez Soy Wax

Are you looking for a soy wax that has excellent scent throw hot and cold made from 100% hydrogenated soybean oil? Then Ez Soy may be just what you are looking for! This wax does not contain animal products or by-products and has not been tested on animals. This product can be considered Vegan and Vegetarian! Made from high quality, certified Kosher USA-grown 100% soybean oils that are non-toxic, biodegradable & environmentally safe, Ez Soy is an excellent alternative to traditional paraffin waxes. EZ Soy works great with most fragrance and essential oils, requires no repours and has excellent adhesion to glass. EZ Soy wax comes in flake form and can even be melted in the microwave! Perfect for first time candle makers or larger production candle companies! Some degree of bloom or frost can occur with any soy wax, testing of fragrances and dyes as well as pouring temps can in some cases decrease or eliminate this. EZ Soy is manufactured in the USA from soybeans grown right here in America! Soy waxes produce little to no black soot when made and burned properly. EZ Soy will hold up to a 10% fragrance load however we have had the best hot scent throw results using 6%.

EZ Soy Melt Point: 125F Container Candle Soy Wax. This wax is suitable for making wax melts and votive candles following the instructions below. EZ Soy can NOT be used to make free standing pillar or molded candles.

Uses: Container Candles, Clamshell Melts
Fragrance Load:
% is recommended but Up to 9% is possible
Dye: Chips, Blocks, Flakes, Powders
Wick Suggestions:
ECO, Paper Core, LX, RRD, Performa
Wax Type:
100% Soy
Additive Suggestion:
Additives are not necessary. You may want to however add UV Color Stabilizer to prevent fading and chemical color change

Instructions for use:

Heat EZ Soy to 175-180*. Add your dye and blend well, then add your fragrance and blend well. Allow the wax to cool to about 105 and start stirring. When the wax reaches a slushy stage, it looks similar to an Icee starting to warm up, pour the wax into room temperature jars. The actual pour temp of the wax is about 95 but because it is not completely fluid at this point, an internal temp is hard to achieve. Pouring hotter will result in more frosting and tops that are not completely smooth.

A starting point for testing is a CD 12 works well with most scents in an 8 oz jelly jar candle. Most any non metal core wick series will work well in soy. We suggest sample packs of wicks for testing to find what works best for you! Zinc core wicks are not recommended for use in soy wax.

EZ Soy can also be used for votive candle. To use as a votive be sure to add mold release to the wax or use mold release in the molds when using metal molds. Add about 5 TBSP per lb of wax Stearic Acid to harden the wax for tarts and votives.

A MSDS for this product is available in a printable format here.

For testing purposes, we offer for sale, 10 pound slabs or bags of wax.

*We can only offer recommendations as to what wax will perhaps work best for you but we cannot guarantee any certain wax to work best in any application because of the many variables involved. The only way to determine the appropriate wax selection is by experimentation. Test burning will be necessary to determine the best wax for your candles!

Bitter Creek offers FREE Technical Support to all our customers! Online help is available 9am to 5pm Central Time Monday through Friday. Click here for information on how to contact Tech Support by phone, e-mail or through our Live Online Chat Application! Real candle making advice from a working chandler with nearly two decades experience in the business!

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Price: $28.99


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Customer Reviews

Author: Paula Hoover
always used this, always get good feedback from customers. melts down awesome, no smoke.

Author: dennis collins

Author: Carlena Krueger
I've used EzSoy for 5 yrs & really really LOVE it!

Author: Danette Thacker
Really like this wax!! Easy to work with and burns clean!

Author: Angela Beechan
my favorite soy wax i've used. Sticking with this one.

Author: Angie Hight
The very best soy wax ever! I always have and will always use this for my soy container candles! I so love this wax and so do my customers!!!

Author: Raylenne Parker
LOVE this one! THE BEST soy wax on the market!

Author: Joy Jaskowiak
This wax is one of the main reasons why I love Bitter Creek. Absolutely wonderful products. You just can't go wrong with this soy wax that is only available at Bitter Creek!

Author: Katie Marshall
Really easy to work with, melts easily right in the microwave, just all around the perfect wax.

Author: Brent Newman
A friend told me about the EZ Soy and how I just "had to have it". I'm really glad I did. My hobby became a full time business for me strictly because of this wax. I can't say enough great things about this soy wax. It's fantastic!

Author: Lanie Traeger
I just recently came across Bitter Creek online and am surprised I never found them before. I've tried soy wax from pretty much every other supplier out there, but none of the soy waxes came close to the quality of Bitter Creek's EzSoy. This wax is really something. All of my customers just rave about my soy candles. I am just so happy with this product!!!

Author: Trevor Johnson
THE best soy wax available on the market!

Author: Kathy Bowser
This wax helped me grow my business into what it is today. I couldn't have done it without this wax!!

Author: Lisa Carther
Super easy to work with, amazing scent throw, all natural wax... Love, love, LOVE!

Author: Greg Fowler
I switched to Ezsoy from GB 464. The EzSoy burns cleaner, stronger, longer. This is an all-around phenomenal product that is worthy of bragging about. A++ product to take your business to the next level. I highly recommend this to everyone.

Author: Michelle Decker
I always get the best results using EZ Soy. I could not be happier

Author: Bonnie Mika
This wax is great. I just started making candles and I don't think I could have found a better wax. My friends and family love how clean burning this wax is. It's a huge hit.

Author: Ruby Wallace
After reading the reviews, it must be something I'm doing wrong. I cannot get good hot throw. or smooth tops. I've tested this wax for months. This wax is not for me.

Author: Jason Z.
I have tried every soy wax on the market and this by far is the BEST ever! If you try this you will never want to use another. It's easy to use, clean burning, and burns slower. Our customers also love it. This is the only soy wax I will ever use.

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