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UV Color Stabilizer
UV Color Stabilizer            

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Our new UV Color Stabilizer is easier to use, is more concentrated, and does more than our old UV Inhibitor, yet it's the same low price! It not only helps inhibit fading from light, but it also helps improve the stability of the candle's color and protect it from the effects of heat and fragrance solvents! Got difficult fragrance oils that change the color of your candle? Do your blueberry muffins turn green? Try this!

The energy from light and heat affects and destroys the chromo-phores of color molecules. Light and heat also cause free radicals to form in the wax blend. Organic solvents and particularly the additives used in fragrances augment the destructive effect of light and heat. This unique system of stabilizing agents increases the stability of the candle components by absorbing light energy as well as by inhibiting the formation of free radicals.

Storage & Use: Store powder in tightly sealed container, in a cool dry place. Mix powder directly into wax, do not heat powder on it's own as excessive heat may lessen it's effectiveness. Use from .15% up to .25% depending on the dye, wax and fragrance being used. Each 2 oz jar will do approx. 50 to 80 lbs of wax.

Wax Weight Add in Ounces Add in Grams Add in Teaspoons*
*Level teaspoon, not packed.
1 lb .03 oz - .04 oz max. .68 gms - 1.1 gms max. .5 to 1 tsp
5 lbs .12 oz - .2 oz max. 3.4 gms - 5.7 gms max. 2.5 to 5 tsp
10 lbs .24 oz - .4 oz max. 7 gms - 11 gms max. 5 to 10 tsp
20 lbs .48 oz - .8 oz max. 13 gms - 23 gms max. 10 to 20 tsp
30 lbs .72 oz - 1.2 oz max. 20 gms - 34 gms max. 15 to 30 tsp
40 lbs .96 oz - 1.6 oz max. 27 gms - 45 gms max. 20 to 40 tsp
50 lbs 1.2 oz - 2 oz max. 34 gms - 57 gms max. 25 to 50 tsp
100 lbs 2.4 oz - 4 oz max. 68 gms - 113 gms max. 50 to 100 tsp

SKU aSt41ab2
Price: $57.65


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