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White Melt & Pour Soap Base
White Melt & Pour Soap Base            

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VEGAN! Our White Melt and Pour Soap base is excellent for making soaps that have chunks or other designs. It is a nice, white base. Our white soap comes in a convenient 2 pound tray. The soap is scored in cubes for easier cutting.

Maximum Fragrance Load: 3%
Maximum Heating Temperature: 160 F
Recommended Color Additives: FD&C Liquid Dye, Gel Tones Colorants or Mica Powder
PH Level: 7 - 8

Recommended Packaging: Air tight Shrink Wrap or Cellophane Bags
Storage: Room temperature in an air tight container (Saran wrap works well)
Best Used By: One year from date of purchase.
Shelf Life of finished products: One year from manufacturing date.

Our soap bases are easy to un-mold, can be used both scented and unscented. Our bases are not meant to suspend solids, if you pour extra cool however it may be possible. The addition of added oils and butters to melt and pour soap bases is not recommended as it can severely compromise the soaps ability to lather and may make the finished soap too soft.

INCI Ingredients: Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Stearate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Sodium Laurate, Sodium Myristate, Triethanolamine, Sodium Cocoate, Water, Titanium Dioxide.

How to make melt and pour soap:

Stove Top Method:
In a sauce pan, melt the soap base over medium heat. Once melted (130-140 degrees), add your soap dye (amount depends on depth of color desired). Stir well. Add your soap safe fragrance oil, amount depending on personal preference (average use is approx.1/2oz per pound). Stir well. Pour slowly into your molds. Wait til fully hardened to remove. If soaps are difficult to remove, set in your freezer for 5-10 minutes at a time, then try again.

Dyes and Fragrances must be formulated specially for soap making. Use only cosmetic grade dyes and soap safe fragrances and essential oils.

Microwave Method:
In a microwave safe dish (large glass measuring cups work nicely, easy to pour from) melt the soap base in your microwave for several minutes, depending on amount of base you are melting. Proceed as with stove top method.

Melt-n-Pour Soapmaking Tips & Ideas


Melt your soap base and color, then pour into a square plastic or metal pan or tray of some sort (rubbermaid tubs, drawer organizer trays, or loaf pans work well). Wait til soap is hard enough to remove from mold, then cut into small square chunks using a knife or chopping blade. Place chunks into your soap molds, single or multi colors. Pour in clear, uncolored soap base scented with fragrance of choice at about 120-130 degrees. Wait til hard and remove from mold.
*Tip: If you chunks tend to run into the clear outside soap, try putting them in the freezer for awhile before pouring over them.
*Option: Instead of chunks, try using a slicing plane and make curly shavings!
Try adding coffee grounds, cornmeal, crushed oatmeal or loofah, etc. to make exfoliating soap that scrubs the skin! (You can grind your own oatmeal, loofah, etc in your blender).
*Note: Be sure not to pour soap too hot or embedded items may sink to bottom and not distribute evenly throughout the soap.
Using the white soap base, make a small batch of soap with concentrated coloring (no scent necessary). Also make a larger batch of plain white soap in the scent of your choice. Pour the white soap into a mold. Wait until it begins to thicken slightly, then slowly dribble in some of the colored soap, gently swirling it around with a toothpick. Be careful not to swirl too much so it doesn't fully blend the two together. Do not move mold around, let it sit until fully hardened, then remove.
Great for kids! Try embedding a small plastic toy in a clear bar of soap. Just pour a small layer of your clear scented soap into your mold. Wait until it is fairly solidified, then carefully place the toy in the center. Pour in remaining clear soap until toy is fully covered and mold is filled. Wait til hardened, then remove. (Make sure toy is not too large for mold by placing it in mold before hand).
Loafs -
Soap by the Slice
Try using a small bread loaf pan as a mold. Make soap as usual, remove from loaf mold, and slice with a knife or chopping blade into slices about 1 to 1.5 inch thick.
Try adding some small dried bits of flowers and/or herbs for a potpourri kind of look! Chamomile, lavender, peppermint leaf, etc.
*Note: Be sure not to pour soap too hot or embedded items may sink to bottom and not distribute evenly throughout the soap.

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