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Chocolate Cappuccino - 16oz
Chocolate Cappuccino - 16oz 

5 Reviews
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Chocolate Cappuccino

Scent Description:
See our message board for customer reviews on this fragrance!

A rich chocolate smell with a hint of coffee that will be sure to get the house up for a deliciously rich treat!

Trademark Info:


Alternate Name Ideas:

Technical Info:
Click for MSDS sheet


Soap Safe

Lotion Safe




CP Soap Info*:

Notes: Not skin safe

Candle Wax Results*:
Results will vary with different types & brands of wax. Testing is necessary to evaluate performance.

Soy: No current data
No current data
No current data
Gel Wax:
No current data- must polarity test before using in gel.

Candle Color Suggestions:

Flakes: Deep Cocoa Brown
Chips: Brown
Blocks: Chocolate Brown
Liquid: Coffee/Caramel
Powder: N/A

Average Color of Oil:
Oil colors can vary from batch to batch, and can change with age & exposure to heat, light and air. Oil colors are not guaranteed to be consistent.


Shipping Notes:

Can be shipped by any carrier.

Other Notes:
If you have data for this fragrance we have not collected, please feel free to email us at: techsupport@candlesupply.com and we will update the site.

Cyclomethicone Compatibility- No current data
Shower Gel Compatibility- No current data
No current data
Color Stability-No current data
Cure Time-No current data
Aroma Bead Absorbency- No current data


SKU foschcapp
Price: $5.00


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Product rating

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Customer Reviews

Author: Kathy Blakey
This fragrance has an AMAZINGLY strong scent throw in soy wax at 1% per lb. It smells exactly like chocolate and coffee and fills up my entire house with the strong scent. If you love that strong coffee smell (as I do), this is the one. If not, I'd stay away from it.

Author: JL
Great product! Great price! Smells just like chocolate and coffee. Has a great scent throw in soy candles!

Author: Libby C
This is a very chocolatey, delicious fragrance! I don't get as strong a coffee note as some have mentioned, but it isn't missing anything. Very delicious. Solid throw in 464!

Author: Donna Wasman
Just got this product and can't wait to make some wax melts with it. The fragrance is wonderful. Going to try it today.

Author: Vanessa Bible
I LOVE this fragrance. It smells amazing. More sweet with a hint of coffee.

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