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Amber Vanilla Premium Fragrance Oil *Surplus
Amber Vanilla Premium Fragrance Oil *Surplus 

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Amber Vanilla

Scent Description:
See our message board for customer reviews on this fragrance!

Feel the warmth of African amber blended with sandalwood and comforting vanilla.
Top: bois de rose, patchouli
Middle: leather, rose, lavender
Base: African amber, sandalwood, labdanum, musk, vanilla

Trademark Info:


Alternate Name Ideas:

Technical Info:
Click for MSDS sheet


Soap Safe

Lotion Safe




CP Soap Info *:
*Results may vary with different soap recipes, temps and methods.
See our message board for customer test results on this fragrance!

Notes: No current data

Candle Wax Results *:
Results will vary with different types & brands of wax. Testing is necessary to evaluate performance.

Soy: No current data
No current data
No current data
Gel Wax:
No current data- must polarity test before using in gel.

Candle Color Suggestions:

Flakes:Cream/ Spice/Rust
Chips:Autumn Orange/Ivory
Liquid:Honey/Vanilla Coffee/Caramel
Powder:Rusty Brown

Average Color of Oil:
Oil colors can vary from batch to batch, and can change with age & exposure to heat, light and air. Oil colors are not guaranteed to be consistent.

Golden - Yellow

Shipping Notes:

Can be shipped by any carrier.

Other Notes:
If you have data for this fragrance we have not collected, please feel free to email us at: techsupport@candlesupply.com and we will update the site.

Cyclomethicone Compatibility- No current data
Shower Gel Compatibility- No current data
No current data
Color Stability-No current data
Cure Time-No current data
Aroma Bead Absorbency- No current data

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Customer Reviews

Author: Tena Keller
This one reminds me of baby shampoo. Not what I expected, might be nice in soap

Author: Happy
This is sophisticated, subtle and a really lovely scent. It is really good by itself or as a base for other fragrance. This one is a must have for me so I am ordering 2 additional 16oz bottles. I love this scent. Generally amber is mostly used as a base for other fragrances but this one is good by itself. I would suggest to mix it with a carrier oil and let it sit before using it. PLEASE DO NOT smell it from the bottle, because that does not do any justice to this lovely fragrance. The best way to test it will be to dilute it in carrier oil and put just a little on your arm. One minute later... a beautiful fragrance develops and it is just amazing. I strongly recommend this one. Get it soon or I will deplete what ever is remaining in stock. :)

Author: Cynthia Ladnier
Not what I was expecting or hoping for honestly. Mine smells just like baby powder. Had a few people smell it just in case & they said the same.

Author: Tiffany Miller
Absolutely wonderful fragrance!

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